$45 One-Day Juice Cleanse,
$79 for Two Days, and $119 for Three Days



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What We Love

  • 5 yummy, organic juices a day
  • Detox your body and feel lighter
  • Chock-full of live enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients

Need to Know

  • Valid for 4 months
  • Limit 1 each per client; 1 as a gift
  • Schedule Union Square pick-ups
  • Tax not included
  • Loot may be returned within 24 hours of purchase

About The Loot:

Maybe you've been indulging in too much wine. Or perhaps a TRULY evil friend tricked you into trying "just one" Cool Ranch Doritos Locos taco (as you sit, 12 tacos later...). Either way, your body needs to recover.

Take your mind off mindless munching with today's Loot. We're offering a one-day juice cleanse for $45 (reg. $59), a two-day cleanse for $79 (reg. $118), and three days for $119 (reg. $177) from The Squeeze Juice Cleanse.

Squeeze uses a hydraulic Norwalk juice press to pulverize fruits and veggies, preserving live enzymes, minerals, and nutrients in the process. Each day, you'll get five delicious juices loaded with pounds of fresh, locally sourced (whenever possible) produce like kale, apples, beets, and grapefruit. The yummy organic beverages detox your bod, kill cravings, and help you hit reset. Just schedule a daily pickup in Union Square to nab your juices.

Grab this Loot now and take a break. (Also, end that enabling friendship.)

Reviews for The Squeeze Juice Cleanse:

From Lifebooker:

"The juices were awesome, the staff kind, the process easy, and I felt much better afterwards."

"Amazing Deal! High Quality Juices and very Delish!"

"great concept, fantastic juices, would use this service again."

"The Squeeze is AMAZING! It's incredibly easy to order and pick-up your cleanse, no hassle with the Lifebooker coupon when you get there - and best of all, the product is REALLY great. You can tell how fresh their juices and milks are. I'll be getting my cleanses from The Squeeze from now on - hopefully Lifebooker puts more of these deals up!"

"Easy to stick to, most of the juices are delicious and I rarely felt hungry. Would definitely recommend!"

"Juices are amazing! Their nut milks are also to die for. I've done several cleanses before and I actually prefer green juices from Squeeze to Organic Avenue. 3-day cleanse was a smooth sailing - I definitely feel re-energized, light and my skin is glowing, so they are doing something right"

"This was a very delicious cleanse."

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The Squeeze Juice Cleanse
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  • Discount: 24% off
  • Regularly: $59
  • Savings: $14
1-Day Juice Cleanse:

  • Discount: 33% off
  • Regularly: $118
  • Savings: $39
2-Day Juice Cleanse:

  • Discount: 33% off
  • Regularly: $177
  • Savings: $58
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