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What We Love

  • Increase metabolism and detoxify your body
  • Oxygen mask reduces dark spots and acne scarring
  • Includes collagen treatment for lips and eyes
  • Pods are Jetson-level cool

Need to Know

  • Valid for 366 days
  • Limit 10 per client; 10 as gifts
  • Tip not included
  • Loot may be returned within 24 hours of purchase

About The Loot:

You've justified your fondness for PBR with that study claiming beer makes you smarter. But let's face it: All it's done is make you feel sluggish.

We're offering a detoxifying warm pod session at The Pod Regeneration Center for $75 (reg. $175). Or grab three sessions for $199 (reg. $529).

Your body is coated in coconut oil before you climb into a warm pod (kind of like a personal sauna), leaving only your face exposed. While you relax inside, infrared heat increases your core temperature, ridding your body of toxins, boosting metabolism, and alleviating pain.

Meanwhile, you're treated to an oxygen mask and collagen treatment. An esthetician uses pressurized oxygen to hydrate your facial skin, stimulating cell regeneration and dulling spots and scars. Then collagen solution is applied to your lips and eyes to reduce fine lines.

In 45 minutes, The Pod Regeneration Center will have you slimmer, more relaxed, and ready to kick ironic beers to the curb.

Reviews for The Pod Regeneration Center:

Testimonials from Clients:

"the pod felt wonderful i felt like a million bucks . my skin felt soft and my body fully energized . i have very bad back aches and gave me relieve like you have no idea, i went there after a long day at work sitting in a chair all day with a headache and a backache and i came out of there feeling like new. loveeeeeeeeee the pod!"

"I have been to 5 sessions at The Pod and when I first went I was in terrible shape, my back had been hurting me and I wasn't able to walk. After just 3 sessions I was walking straight and was able to go back to work. I have a skin disorder and my skin has cleared up 100%, I also noticed that I had more energy and slept better."

"I have to say I was a little skeptical at first. My lower back was killing me. I had 3 sessions in the Pod. I must say it took my back pain away. I felt more energy the entire day. my body felt energized!!!!! I would recommend the Pod to any person with nagging injuries. Oh did I mention it also helps you lose weight"

"I felt so relaxed so tranquil so soothing. The Pod had my skin feeling like silk and my face was glowing. Not to mention I lost 3lbs in one session! WOW! I can't wait to go back."

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  • Discount: 57% off
  • Regularly: $175
  • Savings: $100
Pod Spa Session:
infrared heat increases your core temperature, ridding your body of toxins and alleviating pain. Includes oxygen mask and lip/eye collagen treatment.

  • Discount: 62% off
  • Regularly: $529
  • Savings: $330
3 Pod Spa Sessions:
Triple up on the uber-relaxing treatment.