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  • Featured in The New York Times
  • Intense workout builds core strength and endurance
  • Lots of classes to choose from: Monday thru Friday at 6, 7 & 8pm

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  • Valid for 3 months
  • Limit 5 single classes per client, 5 gifts; 2 five-packs, 2 gifts
  • Tax not included
  • Loot may be returned within 24 hours of purchase

About The Loot:

You swore you'd start taking the stairs at work every day, but soon you fell victim to classic excuses like "I'm already too sweaty" and "this cup of coffee is really heavy."

Here's a more worthwhile commitment. We're offering a session of PeaceCore Fit Camp for $9 (reg. $25) or five sessions for $35 (reg. $150).

The workout combines Marine Corps-style high-intensity drills, kickboxing, and yoga. In each hour-long session, you'll improve your core strength, posture, and overall endurance (not to mention you'll burn, like, a zillion calories). Classes are held Monday through Friday at 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm at PeaceCore's Chelsea studio.

You might even want to take the stairs after.

Reviews for PeaceCore NY:

From Lifebooker:

"He kicks your butt for an hour but i'm already seeing results after 2 sessions!"

"I took my first PeaceCore class last week and it was great! It is non stop exercises for 1 hour and really pushes you to your limit. Being able to do the outdoor portion on the highline is great and when the class was over I really felt like I had pushed my body to the limit. Kenny is very motivating and makes you push boundaries you never thought possible. I am looking forward to more bootcamp classes with Kenny and am hoping to see my body transform into being more lean and toned."

"Kenny is Awesome!"

"This was fun and not as hectic as I expected. A great price and fun work out. I will definitely be going back"

"Great! Very challenging and an awesome workout! This will get both your cardio up and your strength increased. And, its outdoors! Thank you!"

"Great! Nice combo of cardio and strength. And, Kenny has a wonderful balance of supporting you with great enthusiasm as well as challenging you to push your limits!"

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PeaceCore NY
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  • Discount: 64% off
  • Regularly: $25
  • Savings: $16
PeaceCore Fit Camp:
The workout combines Marine-Corps-style high-intensity drills, kickboxing, and yoga.

  • Discount: 77% off
  • Regularly: $150
  • Savings: $115
5 Fit Camp Classes:
Grab a five-pack and keep workin' out!