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What We Love

  • Throw away your razor and never shave or wax again
  • Live a smooth existence
  • Grab up to 6 sessions per area to completely stunt hair growth

Need to Know

  • Valid for 6 months
  • New clients only
  • Limit 6 of each Loot per client
  • Tip not included
  • Loot may be returned within 24 hours of purchase

About The Loot:

As a legion of ladies, we each have our own dreams—to be doctors, or lawyers, or Pulitzer Prize winners. But a single dream unites us all: to stop shaving so effing often.

Hear, hear! We're offering one session of laser hair removal for a small area for $25 (reg. $125) or a large area for $35 (reg. $225) at Deldor Laser.

Using a state-of-the-art laser, a trusty esthetician will stunt the future growth of hair. Small areas include bikini line, underarms, happy trail, sideburns, or chin. Large areas include Brazilian bikini, lower leg, front upper leg, back upper leg, half arm, upper back, or lower back.

On average, it takes six sessions to completely remove hair from any one part of the body, so grab multiple Loot to see your hairless dreams come true.

Reviews for Deldor Laser:

From Lifebooker:

"Great place! Treatment was painless and the Dr. Deldor was really helpful answering all my questions. I would def go back. :-)"

"Loved this place! They were clean, efficient, and very friendly! The laser hair removal process was quick and pain-free."

"I enjoyed my experience at Deldor Laser. The hours are very convenient; the office atmosphere is very comfortable but professional; and I am very pleased with the results. I feel very smooth!"

"Great results- very friendly staff. Would recommend highly!"

From Yelp (where Deldor Laser has a 4-star rating from 7 reviews):

"I was really nervous about finding the 'right' place to get laser treatment. A friend of mine recommended Deldor and I have since recommended it to all of my friends! It is a great experience. Asha and Delma are very easy to work with. Delma explains all the equipment and really takes the time to let you ask questions before your first treatment - she makes you feel totally comfortable. I've had two sessions and now I am going to expand the area I'm getting done because i am so happy with the results!" - Sarah B. (2/19/12)

"I've booked a 6 laser session at $35 per session on life-booker for my legs and it was the best investment of my life! I just had my 1st appt and the experience was painless. The service was excellent! A great buy, professional medical office, informative during the entire procedure, and comfortable atmosphere!" - Sourivone V. (1/22/12)

"High quality and grade A service! Delma and Asha are very professional and provide the utmost care to their customers! I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I will be referring them to friends and family as well!" - Justin C. (12/31/11)

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Select the Quantity for the Loot You'd Like to Buy:

  • Discount: 80% off
  • Regularly: $125
  • Savings: $100
LHR Session (Small Area):
Snag one session on bikini line, underarms, happy trail, sideburns, or chin.

  • Discount: 84% off
  • Regularly: $225
  • Savings: $190
LHR Session (Large Area):
Use one session on Brazilian bikini, lower leg, front upper leg, back upper leg, half arm, upper back, or lower back.